Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Power steering fluid is a critical component of your vehicle's steering
system.  Exchanging power steering fluid helps to remove contaminants
from the power steering system while lubricating and protecting power
steering components

Some vehicle manufacturers recommend the power steering fluid exchange
as part of your vehicle's preventive maintenance service.  For those vehicles
that do not have manufacturer recommendations for preventive maintenance,
an accepted industry standard suggests a one-time power steering fluid
exchange after the vehicle's first 50,000 miles.*

In about 15 minutes, the Jiffy Lube Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service
removes almost all of the old fluid, replacing it with new manufacturer
recommended power steering fluid.

The Benefits:
  • Helps maintain performance, reliability and longevity of your power
    steering system
  • Helps to optimize the life of the power steering system steering
  • Helps to remove harmful deposits from the power steering system
  • Helps to improve lubrication of the power steering system

*As issued by Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association/Motorist Assurance
Program (AMRA/MAP)
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