Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service

The main functions of the Engine Cooling System are to carry heat away from the
engine and maintain the correct operating temperature. The system accomplishes this
by circulating antifreeze/coolant around the components where heat is generated and
carrying it to the radiator to be cooled.
In the engine cooling system, an appropriate amount of an antifreeze/coolant and water
mixture is necessary to help reduce the risk of the engine overheating and freezing.
Another important feature of antifreeze/coolant is that it inhibits rust and corrosion in the
cooling system.

Our service includes:
•        visually checking the radiator and radiator hoses for leaks
•        evacuating the old antifreeze/coolant
•        refilling the cooling system with the appropriate type and amount of

Radiator Cap Replacement Service

A Radiator Cap, also known as a "pressure cap", controls pressure in the cooling system.
The cap may be mounted on the radiator filler neck or on top of the coolant reservoir.

Our service includes:
•        visually inspecting for antifreeze/coolant leaks and/or damage at the
radiator/pressure cap to filler neck or reservoir seals
•        visually inspecting the radiator/pressure cap for cracks, seal or thread damage, tab
retention damage
•        pressure testing the radiator/pressure cap to ensure it holds the proper pressure as
•        replacing the radiator/pressure cap with a new cap that meets OEM specifications
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